So let's be honest,

taking pictures of little kids is hard. They're constantly moving, are easily distracted and typically do the opposite of what you'd like them to do. Now to make it even harder, you are trying to take pictures inside your home and probably have a low light situation and a relatively small space. I feel your pain! So I thought I'd share some tips that have helped me get better pictures of my kids inside our home. 

Chase the light

Light can sometimes be hard to find inside the house, which can make it almost impossible to get good shots in certain rooms or areas. Have a look around the house to see where the light is coming in and how it changes during the day. 

If you live in a relatively dark house, like we do, you can always bring your subject to the light. Find a spot close to a window, or a place with lots of natural reflectors (like in a room with light walls or on a bed with white sheets). Shooting directly into the light can be difficult. Try shooting from the side so the light hits them from an angle, or try getting in between the subject and the light source.

Capture emotion

Nothing brings me more joy than my kids having a great time together. Catching them in the middle of a game, sweet play, or giggles is the best. These are the moments you'll want to treasure forever. 
Because chances of a good picture decrease when there is more than one (fast moving, silly acting, non cooperative) subject, I like to put them in the room with the most light and in a spot where they can't really leave too easily. In our home I find our bed to be a great spot. Then I'll just sit as close to the light source as possible and let the magic happen. I'll let them do their thing, occasionally try to get them to interact, or to get their attention so they will turn their faces towards me (and the light). I don't pose them or wait for the perfect moment, I just set a fun vibe and click away. You'll get a lot of shots, mostly not so great, but some will be golden.

Take a new perspective

To avoid the laundry pile in the corner, the hand me down furniture set up that you don't exactly love, or the dirty dishes sitting on your counter top, you can simply adjust your angle. Try shooting from above, lay on your tummy on the floor, or get a close up. Have fun with it, explore different things and get more interesting shots.

Sit back and relax

Forced posing hardly ever works with little kids, you'll all just end up frustrated. Instead try to keep your distance and observe. Maybe just keep quiet so they don't even realize you're there. It's fun to just let them do their thing and watch them play. Capture them in an unguarded moment for the most natural, lifestyle type shots. 

And remember...

Some important things to keep in mind when taking pictures of your kids, whether you're inside or anywhere else.

  • Make sure they aren't hungry or tired. I mean, pretty obvious, but disaster guaranteed.
  • Up your shutter speed. Kids move fast, so make sure to have a shutter speed of 200 minimum. The faster they get, the higher you'll need to go.
  • Be patient. It can take 50 clicks to get 1 decent shot, don't worry about it. 
  • A shot doesn't have to be perfect in order for you to love it. There is such value in a closed eye laugh, a dirty face, or messy hair. Instead try to aim for connection, moments, and little details you don't ever want to forget. 

I would love to hear what works best for you when taking pictures of your kids. Please share your tips below in the comment section!