"That's me" I think to myself as I look at these pictures. I've changed, I look older... Not necessarily all in a bad way, just older. I see tired eyes and grown out hair, but I also see a stronger, kinder and more mature woman. No kids to hide behind, no husband to smile at... it's just me.

I feel like it was just yesterday I was still in school. For my most my teens and 20s I had been a student, it was just sort of a given at some point. But then everything in life rapidly changed, all good things, but it just went so fast. Sometimes I still think I'm a student, but then I see students... and nope, I'm definitely not a student. 

Who am I then? I can't just be a mom, right? But it's so all consuming, it IS pretty much my life right now. Motherhood has a stronger pull than anything I've ever experienced, but I'm still me. I'm still here too, just more grown up.

It was so much fun to do this photo session, just for me. No makeovers or fancy clothes, just me and my messy hair. Capturing this crazy stage in life, without the crazies. Showing it to myself. I've changed, a lot, in only a few short years. But that's ok, this is the new me. 

Thanks for showing me Reena Ray