Well that title sure promises a nice light read for ya... I figured I've been absent for so long, I might as well let you in on what has been going on over here.

Christmas morning 2017 really actually felt like Christmas morning for us when those two lines showed up. After having been pregnant twice before, I kinda already knew, but that moment you see the proof, it changes everything. We excitedly shared the news a few weeks into the pregnancy with our close friends and family. My husband was about to leave the country for work for a while, so we wanted to share the news before he left.

Feeling very sick and growing faster than with the last two, I felt so pregnant. My husband had now left for his job and I was just looking forward to that first time of seeing our babe on the ultrasound screen... No heartbeat, but also "can't really see what is going on in there, you need to see your doctor". Totally unimpressed with the ultrasound tech - who surely just had an off day or didn't know what he was talking about, I saw the specialist the next day. She told me I was having a molar pregnancy. Sorry, what? Is that a thing?!

Long story short, after 2 surgeries, many, many blood tests and a husband who was still away, I decided to go hideout at my parents' place in Spain. 
Best. Decision. Ever. Because, well hello, staying with your mom when you're sick... But also, finally a mental break. Just time to take a deep breath and look at what the eff just happened.

I knew there had to be a reason for all this. I believe everything in life happens for a reason. I believe every single moment had to happen to bring us to where we are now. So what was my message here? What was the purpose of all this? 

It was time for me to look at my life, how I was living it and start steering it in the direction I really wanted it to go... Life can be such a whirlwind and sometimes you need a hard stop to take a look and reflect. So I did. A lot. And here we are, still not on the other end of all this, but in such a good place. 

I've made a shift to gratitude and it has changed my outlook on life. This whole journey has been such an eyeopener for me and it has really made me see and appreciate the beauty of everyday moments. It's not about living from one big moment to the next, it's about what's happening in between, what's happening right now.

One of the best things I have done to change my perspective is writing down 5 things I'm grateful for every day. Have you ever tried this? If not, I challenge you to start doing so for a week, it's truly amazing! Let me know about your experience, I would love to hear it!