Do you have a nice - and expensive! - DSLR camera? Are you disappointed by the pictures that are coming out of it? Yeah, that's where I was at too when I got my first camera

Turns out, it's not actually the expensive camera that takes the nice pictures, but you! 

Literally thousands of pictures of my cat, just twisting some buttons and hoping for the best, endless youtube videos and a ton of highly under and overexposed pictures later... I finally figured it out. I finally got out of that dreaded AUTO setting.

I'm not a technical person, I mean, I really just don't care about reading manuals and watching youtube videos going on about things I don't care about and using fancy terms for (actually really simple) things. Do you ever listen to someone trying to explain something and you just DON'T get it?! And then you figure it out yourself and it's actually so simple, you wonder, why didn't they just say it like that?! 

It's my passion to help people look for the beauty in everyday moments and what is better than to actually capture those moments yourself too?! So I want to help you! I want to help you to finally get a return on your investment in that expensive camera. To create images the way you envision them in your head. And to get into manual mode, using simple, non-technical explanations!

If you want to learn how to use your camera the easy way, come join my upcoming workshop!!
With a small group of like minded people we'll go over some of the camera basics and put it into practice right away. Sounds like something for you? You can find all the details here!

Can't wait to get started?! On that same page you can also find a FREE guide to start taking better pictures today!

I would absolutely love to see you there!