When was the last time you had pictures taken, just because? Most of us are sure to get shots of our major life moments, when we're getting married, when we're carrying our babes and when we bring new life into our homes. But what about all the other moments in our lives? Are they not important, or interesting, or beautiful enough?

The more photo sessions I do with my clients, the more I realize the magic is actually in between. It's so important to appreciate the life and the moment we're living right now. The best shots are always the unplanned ones, the moment just before the kiss, the moment nobody's paying attention to the camera, the moment of genuine laughs and the tender moments of true love and compassion. You can't pose those, they just show up and they will be gone again before you know it. There is so much value in those moments, they are the true reflection of the life you're living right now.

It may not always seem glamorous or even interesting, especially for the moms out there. But when you're looking back on the pictures that will one day be the legacy of your life, you want to be able to cherish all those precious 'normal' memories too, not just your wedding day. Life is constantly changing and whatever may seem normal to you now, won't be normal anymore 5 years from now. The real value is in the bedheads, the dirty faces, the little feet running around the house, the hugs just before bedtime, the family dinners you have together... The everyday life, that's where the magic is!

To empower you to start capturing your everyday moments, I've created the Beginner Photography Workshop for you! It is the ultimate beginner guide to mastering your camera and will help you create lasting memories of your life. Come join us and start capturing the beauty of those in between moments!